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das muh hoe

Did you know this...let's completely forget about the disjointed order if the movies. Aurra Sing was THE first bounty hunter character. SHe was before Boba Fett. Jango Fett was the second, Boba being introduced as his son ,...and sealing his fate inevitably by watching his father be killed by a Jedi night.

Aurra Sing was also taken away from Nar Shaddah at an early age, and taken under the wing of the dark woman. After being on coruscant for a few years, while away from the planet, she was captured by pirates...the reason she hates Jedi has to do with the fact that the pirates told her that the jedi sold her. Which can explain why she hates them and so on.
The scene in Episode one on Tatooine to me is a bit pointless but has the same appeal as did boba Fett's appearances in the empire strikes back..
Only people like us know the true purpose to these scenes...LOL
You so need to go pick up the graphic Novel The hunt for Aurra Sing. It's a collection of all the comics she was in...

Gawd...I'm obsessed!!!!
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