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(ah,young padawan)

a different kind of fanfiction [15 Jun 2009|12:12pm]

Name:  Star Wars Notes
Genre:  Star Wars
Rating:  PG
Format: Letter/Note in Star Wars Notes and on proboards
Community Link:  http://community.livejournal.com/starwarsnotes/profile
Website Link: http://starwarsnotes.proboards.com/index.cgi
Contact: arwenmuc@yahoo.com
Age/Audition Requirements: must know English well, must be intelligent, and must be over 13 years old
Further Info:

Disclaimer: Star Wars is owned by Lucas film, and does not belong to me.

Please Note -- a knowledge of Star Wars is NOT necessary in order to participate in this role-play.  I am willing to explain anything that you need to know to you in order for you to play a particular character.

At was writing a Star Wars AU fanfiction several years ago on other sites.  In this fanfiction, I had various Star Wars characters write to other characters -- explaining to other characters what is going on in the story.  The result of this is that a fanfiction is written from the perspectives of the characters, while they interact with each other.   The story begins before The Phantom Menace and will go all the way up through Return of the Jedi.  Right now, the story is almost at the end of The Phantom Menace.  That is where I had to stop because of time contraints from school and other things.  However, I decided to start it up again.   I need characters.  These Notes will be posted in their own community, and also on a proboards forum.  

For those who participate, you get to pretend to be a character and have influence on other characters, as well as the overall story.  There are boundaries, though.

The reason that this fan fiction will be classified as AU is because, while generally following the story line of the movies, there are certain points that will be different.  Also, there are additional characters and events.  There are also questions that are answered in this fanfiction that are not covered in the movie.   (Like how and why did Dooku become a Sith, what was Palpatine doing behind the scenes that caused everything to happen the way that it did, what would happen if Anakin was really able to free his mother, just how deep was the love between Anakin and Padme and how did it develop, etc.) 

This fan fiction will take you through the events of the movies, and you will get to see these events through various different characters' eyes.  

I will not post the fanficiton to this group unless the group owner specifically wants me to. 

If interested in participating, please either reply to this or send me a private message.  (A private message would probably be better.  That way I see it for sure). 

(ah,young padawan)

[14 Apr 2005|08:35pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hello all. I saw this group on livejournal and thought I'd get involved, as I'm a Star Wars fan as many of you seem to be. I thought I'd let you all know that I am a part of a Star Wars RPG group that is online based and just getting off the ground. Our release date is scheduled for May 1st, and we're trying to get as many people to join as possible. If any of you are interested in joining, go ahead and register on the forums.

Our group uses the official d20 RPG rules created by Wizards of the Coast, but don't worry, we're all a friendly bunch, so even if you aren't terribly familiar with the rules, they're very accessible and there're lots of people to help you learn them. Very soon, some of the rules will even be posted on the website to make the game even easier to get into. Since our release date isn't until May 1st, none of you have missed anything.

Just to let you all know, it's played in an alternate universe, so there's no Vader or Han Solo. It's like that so that the players can rise up and become the heroes or villains of the galaxy, and in this community,
if you're bold enough you might rise to the fame and stature of Luke Skywalker. The game is played in AIM chat rooms, and AIM can be downloaded for free and used by anyone.

If any of you are interested, please register on our forums and start talking to us.
Our website is: www.swrote.com. Thanks!

(ah,young padawan)

Wow [11 Aug 2004|07:44pm]
[ mood | sore ]

You are a genius for creating this community. I'm actually going to be joining to 501st Legion as Aurra Sing, hopefully before the C3 convention in April/May of 2005. I live in Maryland and I'm glad there are people are crazy about Aurra as I am!

(ah,young padawan)

Any requests? [11 Feb 2003|02:16am]

I'm putting together a cd for my starwars game(yes I am a dork, whats yer point?), and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for music to put on it?

(1 thought | ah,young padawan)

[09 Dec 2002|01:14pm]

So last night Aurra came to the club and threw the shit down. That was ultra cool. All night I was wanting to go up to her and rub the shaved parts, because it looked great.
Next time I will bring glow stix for Aurra LOL!!!

(ah,young padawan)

Enjoy. [07 Nov 2002|02:35am]


(ah,young padawan)

[06 Oct 2002|07:14pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

Found out this week that the sci-fi channel is canceling Farscape. I love that show. If anything they should come to some sort of ending so their fans aren't just left hanging there.

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das muh hoe [19 Sep 2002|09:49pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Did you know this...let's completely forget about the disjointed order if the movies. Aurra Sing was THE first bounty hunter character. SHe was before Boba Fett. Jango Fett was the second, Boba being introduced as his son ,...and sealing his fate inevitably by watching his father be killed by a Jedi night.

Aurra Sing was also taken away from Nar Shaddah at an early age, and taken under the wing of the dark woman. After being on coruscant for a few years, while away from the planet, she was captured by pirates...the reason she hates Jedi has to do with the fact that the pirates told her that the jedi sold her. Which can explain why she hates them and so on.
The scene in Episode one on Tatooine to me is a bit pointless but has the same appeal as did boba Fett's appearances in the empire strikes back..
Only people like us know the true purpose to these scenes...LOL
You so need to go pick up the graphic Novel The hunt for Aurra Sing. It's a collection of all the comics she was in...

Gawd...I'm obsessed!!!!

(5 thoughts | ah,young padawan)

[19 Sep 2002|11:41am]

you know, I just dont understand why they never put AurraSing in more of the movies...it was just like BobaFet..his father and him were the biggest reason for half the shit in Star Wars and yet they gave him a meager part....
...on a side note...I had a dream last night about having sex with Aura....eep!!

(ah,young padawan)

Ski Hoth this year! [18 Sep 2002|11:23pm]


(ah,young padawan)

Celebrate the Love Dammit! [18 Sep 2002|02:41am]


(ah,young padawan)

[16 Sep 2002|09:46pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

woah.....this is a good thing...soemone else has joined....I'm hoping for more people ..this communtiy is moving at the speed of a snail.... maybe I should make it into a sci-fi hair bored or some shit. Come on people..enlighten me...lol

thankz to liquidsynergy for makin me blush like a 12 yr old....lol

(2 thoughts | ah,young padawan)

[16 Sep 2002|03:18pm]

I have found the resemblance between Aurra and 7of9 to be uncanny hehehehehe....

(ah,young padawan)

[23 Aug 2002|01:49pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

thanks to rexyiguana I have a beautiful new icon for this community..wooh hoo...

(ah,young padawan)

[23 Aug 2002|04:16am]

[ mood | frustrated ]

RAR!!! time for a lil self promotion

(ah,young padawan)

[23 Aug 2002|03:44am]

[ mood | busy ]

construction in progress

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